Voyageur is a “Hinckley 21”, named for the waterline length of the boat (she is 28 ½ feet LOA). At least 20 were built in 1946, but we are aware of only three that still sail today.


The Hinckley 21 was built at the Henry R. Hinckley yard and was designed by John G. Alden, one of the most admired American yacht designers. Carl Alberg, who was working in Alden’s shop, drafted the plans.


Our boat, Voyageur, has always sailed on the Great Lakes. She was built for a professor of dentistry (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). Hinckley customized each boat according to the wishes of the buyer. For example, Voyageur was planked in Honduras Mahogany (rather than cedar), has a teak cockpit sole, and was built with an extended companionway hatch.


We have gathered a number of documents over the years. We have copies of the original correspondence between Hinckley and the first owner. We have also obtained copies of sales brochures, 1946 magazine advertisements and the original design and sail plans.



Ordered: January 11, 1946

Shipped: Septemeber 20, 1946

Launched: September 24, 1946

Design number: 761-P

Hinckley hull number: 708


Engine: Gray Marine Lugger Light 4, 69 cubic inch, 16 hp @ 1800 rpm.


Maximum speed under sail: 9.75 mph (beam, broad reaching with main and genoa), 9.5 mph with main and spinnaker)

Maximum speed under power: 8.4 mph at 1760 rpm



Hinckley 21 at builder (1946)


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